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Information About the Programs

Here is some interesting stuff I guess. At least it might be if you are techie enough. Note that most of the programs are just the source code. You will need a compiler to get them to run in most cases. I suggest getting the GCC from this web page: The only programs which will not work with the GCC compilers are those written in Java, PHP, Python, Inform, C# or Haskell (that list is getting a little long now). So you had best get the Java sdk from, a Python interpreter from, and a Haskell interpreter from Inform is also interpreted through a virtual machine, you can find instructions for setting it up at their website. PHP is an interpreted, server-side language and you will need the PHP software to run this code. You can probably find what you need at C# is very much a Microsoft language, but you have three main choices of compiling it for free. The first is the Visual Studio Express Editions (free from Microsoft). The second is the Mono Project (an open source initiative to reproduce C# and the .NET environment). And lastly, the dotGNU project (another open source initiative to reproduce C# and the .NET environment).

Also, if you are not running the GCC and Java programs from the command line (prompt) you may find they close automatically before you get an output. I am not going to fix this. I could, but it is just one of those things you have to live with when you use somewhat badly thought out Microsoft products. So either fix it yourself, or start using an OS like GNU/Linux or FreeBSD which is better set up for programming. Incidentally, I probably use Windows more than anything else because I really like it (I just think the command prompt has some odd default behaviours). But I also use Ubuntu (a GNU/Linux distribution) a fair wee bit. I don't agree with all this zealot stuff: I think most operating systems have their good and bad points. Mind you, I really don't like the MacOS.

Also, a few of the downloads are in zip files so you might need some decompression software, such as 7-zip if you are using windows or gunzip from the GNU/Linux terminal.

Nexami Engeo 2007/07/05 17:22


Nexami Engeo, 2007/07/05 17:26:

I just wanted to say that I'm not actually anti-microsoft (as has been suggested to me). I just think that it's not the best platform for programming. I've only ever really felt that Unix variants are set up with the programmer in mind. But I guess that's their greatest power and greatest failure depending on how you look at it. However, I will say that it can be very hard to develop for Windows in a Unix-based system. It's possibly a little easier the other way around. Mind you, in both cases, the good things are a result of GNU/Linux and the bad things are a result of Windows. So take from that what you will. I will say this, with the release of the express editions of Visual Studio (as well as the continuing excellence of the pro version), Windows has a feather or two up its sleeve. But using those programs does limit you a little to targeting Windows platforms.

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